Intermittent Fasting – Is It Healthy ?

For 12 months I used fasting for weight loss to help me lose weight. For more than 20 months I have used the process of intermittent fasting – taking 24hr breaks from eating, as a way to control my weight.

According to my Doctor and my recent health check, I am fitter than a man 20 years my junior, yet I still have people say things like ” I don’t think intermittent fasting is healthy “.  Of course they say this without any facts to back it up.

One of the main things that hold you back from losing weight, is the opinions of others.

My advice is if you want to lose weight, just make a start but don’t tell anyone . You will only be doing it wrong,  they will always have a better way.

What is the best way ?  Well that would be the way that works for you. It is the way that allows you to restrict calories enough for you to lose weight . It is the one that fits your life, and you can stick to. For me that was I.F.

Take a look at my  weight loss success pictures if you need inspiration

This clip of the 2 fat guy bikers from Family Guy is a perfect example of how others can affect your goals.  ( Thanks to Brad Pilon for posting it and bringing it to my attention)

The base of the story ?  There is nothing that is more ” not good for you ” than being 200lbs overweight

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