Condensed Eating Window

What is the condensed eating window when we talk about intermittent fasting ?


This simple guide to the condensed eating window, should tell you all you need to know. There is no magic formula, and not every intermittent fasting diet uses one, but it’s something that seems to confuse  a few people so the link above should tell you what you need to know.

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My First Marathon

Completed My first Marathon on Easter Sunday. 

Have  The Medal To Prove It !


Always wanted to do this before I was 50 and manged it in my 48th year.

Finished in 4 hrs 13 minutes. Now to go under 4 hours !

Great motivation to keep running off the beer


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I need to Lose Weight !

Five words,”I need to lose weight ” that at some point or other you are going to say. 




So, if that is you, this time are you actually going to do it ?

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Weekend Blow Outs !

So this last weekend was a  “biggie” in terms of calories, it’s what I like to call a weekend blow out.


So as part of my ongoing quick weight loss tips series  here is my take on how I deal with these events.

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Calories And Weight Loss

This post is part of the how many calories to lose weight series. You can also read  how many calories to lose weight- where to start for more information.

How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight

How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight

After maintaining my weight around the 165lbs mark for the best part of a year, I am looking to drop a few more pounds over the next 6 weeks. As many people wonder about how many calories they should eat when looking to lose weight, I thought I would help explain this using my own situation.

How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight – My RMR

If we first understand that I have to keep my calories below my maintenance  level in order to lose weight, then I have to know what that level is. This means I need to know my resting metabolic rate or RMR . As a 46 year old male with a  height of 5ft 10 inches, and a weight of 165lbs  My current RMR is calculated to be around 1650 calories per day. This is the daily amount of calories I will use up at rest. My aim will be to eat below this figure. I take my calorie total and calculate it for a week. I find it easier to plan my weight loss on a weekly level, not daily. This is because certain days are easier to create a calorie deficit than others. In this example I will need to eat below 11,500 calories per week in order to lose weight. How much weight I lose is dependent on how many calories I save below this figure. I can of course use exercise to increase what I lose, but the trick with exercise is to not compensate for the calories burned by eating more food, and certainly don’t drink the calories. If you go for a 3 mile run , then come back and have post work out shake, you may as well have just stayed home in the first place.

How Many Calories Do I Need To Lose Weight – The More I Lose The Less I Need

When I first started losing weight back in January 2009, I was 231lbs, so back then my RMR calories were closer to 2000 calories a day. This means I could cut down to be below 14000 calories per week and lose weight.  This was obviously easier than my current plan, and also one reason that as you get closer to your target weight, it becomes harder to lose weight.

As you can see, no matter what your own weight loss target is, you first need to know your daily calorie needs, once you know this, then its easier to plan your calorie deficit.

So the take home message from this post, how many calories should i eat to lose weight ?  well the answer is ” below my weekly rmr total” ( in this case 11,500 calories ) Your own number will vary from mine, this should help you get your own personal weight loss number.

If anything is unclear or you have some question, then please leave a comment  below. You can also read this post on  how many calories to lose a pound.

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How Many Calories To Lose Weight

How many calories do we need to lose weight ?

Should we look at calories daily or weekly ?

Why is our RMR important ?


 how many calories to lose weight  explains more

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Grease The Groove

Want to Grease The Groove ?   The best way to get good at an exercise is to keep doing it. 

Want to get good at pull ups ?



Then do a lot of pull ups !  It’s time to start  greasing the groove

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